Gunners in Normandy: The History of the Royal Artillery in the North West Europe Part 1 June-August 1944

The main intended audience for the book is the descendants of the men who served in Normandy with the Royal Regiment of Artillery.   The book mentions every Regiment that served, a Roll of Honour, a list of the dead by unit, showing where their relatives’ comrades are buried, and details of how to visit the gunner graves and memorials in Normandy.

Serious students of the battle Normandy should find this essential reading, with comprehensive coverage of the role of the Royal Artillery, and much material not published anywhere else, including, orders of battle, the details of targets engaged by the guns and their effectiveness.  

Serving members of the Royal Regiment should find much of value.  This is the  official account of the Regiment’s activities in the Normandy campaign.  It is a source of case studies for battlefield studies as well as accounts of inspirational deeds of gunners.

This is the only history of the battle of Normandy covering the role of the Royal Artillery in detail. It is the Official Regimental history and the Gunners interpretation of the campaign.  It includes a wealth of material not previously published

•             Lots of detail about the orders of battle, fire-plans and other technical information about D Day and the many other battles of the Normandy campaign.

•             There are new interpretations about D Day and the campaign, such as the concern about aerial observation on D Day that resulted in attempts to obtain aircraft carriers from which to fly Air OPs and the prototype helicopters.

•             There are lots of accounts about the experience of ordinary gunners as well as decorated heroes, not previously published.

The two authors consulted the hundreds of warm diaries and other official documents, many out of print regimental and battery histories, as well as interviewing the dwindling number of veterans.

The current publication date is 1st October and the book can be pre-ordered here.