Royal Artillery on the D Day Beaches Annotated Map

The Royal Artillery were the largest single element of the 1944 British Liberation Army. But there are few memorials to the Gunners.  There are memorials to the divisional artillery of the 3rd and 50th infantry divisions; a Sexton SP Gun and a plaque on a bunker to two Yeomanry Regiments which landed on Gold beach. There are artillery pieces scattered around the landscape and museums of Normandy,  but little explanation about how they were used.

The double sided A3 map includes:-

  • A copy of a 1944 map of the British beaches and the Orne bridge head with the grid system, to help interpret war diaries.
  • Description of the Gunners role at different places D Day beaches locations
  • Mention of the Gunners who took part in the actions at places from Merville Battery to Omaha Beach.
  • Summary information about the role of the gunners
  • Information about Gunner war dead..

If you would like to have your own copy of the map, a high resolution electronic copy can be yours for £6.00. If you want a hard copy printed for you it will cost an additional £9.00

Image of D Day Map side 1
Side 1 Royal Artillery on D Day Map
Side 2 Royal Artillery on D Day Map

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If you would like a print of David Rowlands splendid painting of 9 Irish Battery firing the Run in Shoot on Sword Beach order it here.