Frank Baldwin the owner of Gunner Tours  is the author of several publications. 

Gunners on the D Day Beaches Handout – Annotated Map

Extract from the map

This A3 double sided map was commissioned as a handout for RA Soldiers for the 70th anniversary of D Day in 2014. You can buy an electronic copy for £6.00 or a had copy for £15 plus p&p.  More here including purchase details.

Gunners in Normandy: The history of the Royal Artillery in North West Europe Part 1

The official account of the Royal Artillery’s activities in the Normandy campaign, this is a key book for any serving members of the Regiment: the book will include mention of every Regiment that served, a Roll of Honour, a list of the dead by unit showing where their relatives are buried along with details of how to visit the gunners graves and memorials. Interviews with veterans, papers and documents from the Firepower Archives, terrain studies, personal memoirs, war diaries and other official documents, make this a definitive account. Serious students of the battle Normandy should find this essential reading, with comprehensive coverage of the role of the Royal Artillery, and much material not published anywhere else, including, orders of battle, the details of targets engaged by the guns and their effectiveness. It also includes a new interpretation of the battle.   Pre order here. publication due 1st Oct 2019 More